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The E2 Visa Programme

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Every year over a million people immigrate to the USA looking to fulfill their dreams, improve their quality of life, access a great education system, or explore business opportunities in the strongest economy in the world.

Induku Group in partnership with Visa Solutions is proud to offer qualified investors a unique opportunity to participate in its E2 Investment Visa Programme for those wishing to relocate to the USA and develop a new business venture.



The E2 investor visa is a non-immigrant visa for citizens of countries with whom the United States maintains a Treaty of Commerce (list of eligible countries). Qualifying individuals may apply for an E2 visa by investing a substantial amount of capital into the USA.

Upon obtaining an E2 visa, the foreign investor can relocate to the USA to oversee their investment. Additionally, the investor’s spouse can work, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age can live and study in the United States. The E2 visa is temporary, however, it can be renewed without limit, as long as the E2 company continues to operate and satisfy all of the E2 visa requirements. The E2 visa does not directly lead to a Green Card.




Relocating to a new country and starting a business can be a big challenge. That is why our team of experts have created the E2 Investment Visa Programme, a solution that will provide you with everything you need to succeed under one roof:
•    A solid portfolio of E2 qualifying investment opportunities
•    Start-up support (Entity set-up plus Corporate, Fiscal, and Legal advisors)
•    E2 visa application handled by the best immigration attorneys in the USA
•    Relocation support for you and your family (schools, real estate, documents)
•    Peace of mind that your business, investment, and family’s future are in good hands
While the average processing time is 4 months, each application is unique and no specific result can be guaranteed.




We’re more than just a visa application resource–we’re a full suite of exceptional client support services. From the moment you become a client, we’re here for immigration support, relocation assistance, and unique business investment opportunities.
A key component of your E2 Visa Application is your investment in a US business.


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Our exceptional team understands what it means when your immigration stability depends on your investments. Risk and reward have different consequences when your family’s future is on the line. That’s why we focus on stable industries that not only qualify for the E2 programme but will protect your investment and your immigration status long term.

The proven investments we present our clients are business opportunities with growth and job creation potential. Our singular drive is for our clients to sleep soundly at night, knowing their investment and business are growing, meeting your unique goals, and creating future opportunities.

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A strong business means immigration stability. With your family’s security and future in mind, we offer ZION HOMES, a low-risk investment opportunity in the United States’ most robust industry-Real Estate.

ZION HOMES Development Group offers a revolutionary real estate home building license. It’s ideal for risk-averse investors and entrepreneurs new- or not- to the home building industry looking for endless potential.

ZION HOMES licensing opportunities are limited, and any new investor must meet set investment criteria.


When you enter the E2 Investment Visa Programme, we become your allies to help you achieve your dreams together.

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Book an appointment today to find out how you can make a safe and secure investment in a USA business and start your application today.



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