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FAQ - EB3: Live Your Dream

Q: What is the age limit for applications?

A: There is no age limit. The minimum age for applications is between 18 and 70yrs

Q: Do you assist people trying to immigrate to the UAE/UK/Canada/Georgia/Malta/Panama/New Zealand/Australia/Poland?

A: The scope of our work and expertise only extends to the US – we sadly will not be able to assist you with processing your immigration papers for other countries.

Q: Until when/what date is the EB-3 programme available? Will it stop anytime soon?

A: E-B3 visas are still going to be issued out until the US government reforms the current laws so we cannot give you any definitive answer when they will stop being issued. Each fiscal year starting from 1 October the US issues around 40,000 EB3 green cards. Our “Live the Dream” programme does however have limited seats. Based on our past performance, we are expecting to sell out in the near future. We sadly have no guarantees that beyond this iteration of the programme we will receive any more seats. So in that regard the offer is time sensitive and has a clear end.

Q: I am a professional in my field with extensive training. Are there any opportunities for chemical engineers/doctors/nurses/teachers/farmers/plumbers?

A: Our programme is more an emigration through the EB3 permanent employment scheme than sourcing skilled positions for applicants. All of our openings are for unskilled blue collar jobs because our US partners have vast shortages of personnel in these industries. Though the jobs are entry level it has not stopped senior executives, seasoned entrepreneurs, investment bankers, chemical engineers and even doctors from applying with our programme as the possibilities are endless with a green card. If you work with Amazon as a driving partner and are placed in Houston – the city itself being an innovation/science and engineering hub - may just be the perfect place to launch your engineering career in the future.

Q: I am from Zimbabwe can you help me secure a green card?

A: Induku Consulting Group services clients from the entire Sub Saharan Africa.

Q: Do you have offices in Cape Town/Durban?

A: Sadly we do not have offices in Cape Town/Durban although we do service the whole of Sub Saharan Africa.

Q: I own a business in South Africa and am looking at the possibility of opening a branch in the USA. Is this possible and can you assist?

A: We have a number of applications from seasoned businessmen and women seeing the EB-3 as the perfect avenue to take their business to the next level in the USA. For a detailed and personal response, we would suggest a brief chat over the phone with one of our consultants to exhaust your questions.

Q: My family is In Colorado/Dallas/New York. Do you have job openings there?

A: We sadly only have openings in Houston and North Darkota. The positions available are unskilled blue collar employment

Q: Your services are very interesting and I really do want to proceed but your charges are a bit too much for me. Do you have alternatives?

A: Indeed applying for a green card is an investment and not something for everyone in the immediate future. We are really looking for people who have already done their research and due diligence into the process of emigrating and this programme makes sense for them

Q: Can you offer us more details about the jobs that are currently available?

A: Currently we are recruiting for openings for driving partners as well as openings in the hospitality industry with New Leaf Hospitality. Reach out to us on email or book an appointment with us to get more details on our job openings.

Q: What is the minimum salary I can expect on available openings?

A: The hospitality as well as the delivery partner positions are base level employment. Reach out to us on email or book an appointment with us to get more details on our job openings ad expected salaries.

Q: Who pays for the Green Card - the US employer or is it an investment I must make?

A: It should be noted that all immigration fees - legal, professional and consulting fees-  would be the responsibility of the applicant to pay-essentially it is an investment on the part of the applicant into an employment based Green Card and not at the expense of the employer. The sponsoring employer covers the labor costs like a  labour certificate and that’s why it’s called sponsored employment. Our fees cover all administration and legal fees. Whatsapp us to find out more about our fee structure: (+27) 82 322 2903 | (+27) 64 621 4705

Q: So what happens if I enroll in the programme, get to the US and decide I don’t want to follow through with the job and work in question?

A: Our programme offers candidates permanent employment and should you terminate your employment prematurely it may be considered as immigration fraud by the US authorities and you could receive a red flag against your name. Before applying and investing your time and money in this programme, we strongly encourage you to set up an appointment with our team to exhaust some of your questions and concerns. It is very important to be very intentional, considered and thoughtful when making a big emigration decision.

Q: Would a HIV/cancer diagnosis work against my application?

A: A full medical (TB and other blood tests are made) is required before the final meeting with the US Consulate. If you have a seriously low count or cancer levels are aggressive, you have TB, syphilis or a history of drugs this will definitely be a factor in your medical and could negatively affect your application.

Q: How can I start my application process and make payments towards my US Green Card?

A: All of our forms can be downloaded our website: on our ‘Live the Dream’ page

Q: I have read the questions and feel I would be an excellent fit for this programme now what?

A: Our seasoned consultants would love to chat to you over the phone or set up an in person appointment with you. Sometimes talking in real-time does help to iron any of your questions etc. Book your appointment now.